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Patrolling & Emergency Response
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Highway patrol officers drive their enforcement vehicles "in view" of the public in order to reduce the incidence of accident-causing behavior among motorists. Thus removing congestion and accident causing impediments from highways, respond to accidents when they do occur, and provide various types of services and assistance to the public. From accident scenes, to spill response, to lane closures for pre-engineering work, our staff are fully trained in the requirements that allow for the safe set-up and take-down of the appropriate traffic control measures to address these and many other situations.

Emergency crews such as Ambulances with trained paramedics and cranes etc are available on a call-in basis or can be set up on a regular patrol basis. A customised approach can be developed to meets the needs of our customers.

Documentation is a vital component of our highway patrol as it creates a permanent
record of observations made relating to deficiencies in the infrastructure, incidents attended to, weather conditions and general maintenance activities performed on the highway. These records prove invaluable should future litigation require accurate knowledge of past events.
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